Tuesday, January 17, 2017


You may be thinking that the world doesn’t need another blog…I’ve thought the same thing, even so that’s what I’ll be doing on this page in the coming months. I’ll be blogging about the stories behind the stories, the publishing business, publishing in the throes of transition, my own personal history and sometimes I'll even share the secrets of the glamorous life of a writer. At times, my opinions may be controversial, but I'll always be honest. 

What do I write you may ask? I love writing about hot, rugged men and slightly wicked women. And if you like to read historical romance with an emphasis on adventure and humor, you may want to check this blog often...as well as my website. I'll be announcing the new historical novel releases right here.

Occasionally I’ll post excerpts and reviews of my four-star backlist of releases. These are the novels originally published by the New York houses and now newly revised and released as E-Books. It’s fairly cool to be able to present favorites from the past to a whole new group of readers!

All of my books are designed to entertain. Whether it’s a cozy, a historical or a contemporary romance, you’ll find my novels are light…and lovely.

Once a month I’ll blog new information about current releases or works in progress. I may throw in a favorite motivating quote or two.

Sometimes I’ll post links to other writers that I believe my readers will enjoy.
At other times I’ll post links that help writers become better writers.

So you’ll never know what you may find here unless you come back often. I hope you do! I look forward to welcoming new readers and old friends.

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Rae Monet said...

Yay congrats Sandra! Looking good!